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PSA Peugeot Citroen Group announced a new restructuring plan

PSA Peugeot Citroen Group announced a new restructuring planChina business times Li MingThe first French car maker PSA Peugeot Citroen Group in Paris recently announced a new restructuring plan, plan adjustment in the French production base and deployment of personnel,michael kors metallic handbags, in order to reduce operation cost, control of production, ensure the restoration of market competitiveness, coping with financial difficulties.According to the plan, PSA Peugeot Citroen hornay car assembly plant in Paris is located in the northeastern suburbs will be discontinued in 2014, the factory about 3000 employees will be transferred or severance. This will be the 1992 Renault company closed Boulogne-Billancourt production base assembly plant in France since the local closed the first car. Production in the Paris area car Peugeot Citroen will be concentrated in Poissy base. PSA Peugeot Citroen is located in the northwest of France Rennes production base will also adjust the production plan, cut about 1400 jobs. In addition, the group structure adjustment will also cut 3600 jobs.Peugeot Citroen said, because the European car market is shrinking, the group in the European region of excess production capacity, since the second half of last year the auto sector substantial losses cause cash spending is too high. PSA Peugeot Citroen hoped that through the new scheme to accelerate the restructuring of the group, to restore the operating cash flow balance in 2014.PSA Peugeot Citroen new restructuring plan announced after the earthquake,michael kors macbook tote, a French general labor union general secretary Beiernadibo called the employment market. The French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Mark Eero thinks, this scheme for the French industrial impact. He asked the group to strengthen consultation and cooperation partners,michael kors jet set wallet, to minimize the negative impact. In view of the automobile industry situation is grim, the French government is expected to announce a plan to support the automobile industry in the end of this month.PSA Peugeot Citroen to Europe after Volkswagen of Germany's second largest car manufacturer. Because of the European car market atrophy, raw material prices and the European sovereign debt crisis led to economic operation and the deterioration of the environment, the group last year's auto sector operating loss of 92000000 euros ($120000000), the overall net profit fell nearly half a year earlier. At the beginning of this year, the group has announced a reorganization plan,michael kors handbags 2013, the measures taken include savings of 1000000000 euros ($1220000000) cost, cut about 2000 jobs and the sale of assets, inventory control.

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The French Carrefour first-half profit income fell 23%

The French Carrefour first-half profit income fell 23%In July 13th, the world's second largest retailer Carrefour France announced in 2011 the first half of the fiscal year earnings. Data shows, the company first half of the fiscal year profit than the same period last year decreased by 23%. In addition, in France and Europe market sales are not just as one wishes, only France, opened for more than a year of large market sales dropped 3.3%, far behind in Asia and Latin America market sales performance. Carrefour said, the second half of the year will expand its income plan to achieve its full-year profit growth targets.It is understood, in recent years, Carrefour supermarket business in France to the stage a comeback, but were not successful, forcing the major shareholder of Blue Capital continue to sell assets to support its share prices.In order to make up for the weakness of the domestic market,michael michael kors shoulder bag, Carrefour will look to the emerging markets in Brazil. Brazil is in addition to the second battalion harvests source outside of france. In July 12th, Brazil's largest retailer Carrefour and between CBD in Brazil branch of the merger announcement on abortion, Carrefour is undoubtedly a blow. In July 12th,michael kors sloan clutch, Brazil's National Development Bank announced,michael by michael kors bag, will exit the Carrefour and Brazil's largest retailer with planned investment of $3000000000. In addition to the government of Brazil to change the initial support attitude, Carrefour's rival Casino, CBD partners also voted against the deal.Effects of mergers and acquisitions, the failure in July 12th,michael kors bowen shoulder bag, Carrefour's shares closed at 21.99 euros, and the bottom two years the price of 21.545 euros, the market value of about 15000000000 euros.In the face of the current situation, to expand its income plan carrefour. The plan includes to reduce costs, enhance competitiveness and upgrading its years of poor performance of large-scale supermarket business. In less than a year, Carrefour continuous issued three lowest sales warning signal, show a decline trend. Chief executive Lars Olofsson said, all the team of France will work to achieve sales and operating income growth target.

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Sina's maintain overweight rating target price of $65 price targ

Sina's maintain overweight rating target price of $65 price target _ _ Sina Internet era of science and technology _ sina.com.cnDispatch of sina science and technology on February 20th, Beijing evening news,Michael Kors Satchels, the United States of America's investment banks (Piper Jaffray) today announced the investment report,cheap michael kors handbags, Sina stock (Nasdaq:SINA) maintain "overweight" rating, while maintaining the target share price of 65 dollars.Following is the report:The 2012 fiscal year fourth quarter, Sina diluted earnings per share exceeded expectations. Micro-blog advertising revenue of $21300000, higher than we anticipated 20000000 us dollars. We believe that,michael kors bedford satchel, with the introduction of new commercial mode, micro-blog in fiscal year 2013 ad revenue will reach $100000000. We still think, Sina micro-blog is the best social platform in china.Investors reacted positively: we believe that, Sina for the fourth quarter results, the reaction of investors is positive. In the earnings release, Sina shares rose 6%. Two big reasons investors actively treat Sina earnings: 1) for the first quarter of fiscal year 2013, Sina expected brand advertising revenue year-on-year growth of 22%, higher than analysts expected, mainly due to the micro-blog micro-blog commercial; 2) advertising revenue of $21300000, higher than we anticipated 20000000 US dollars, which indicates that the advertisers on the micro-blog passion is still very high.Fourth - quarter earnings: $134400000, diluted earnings per share of $0.13, higher than the $0.06 expected by Wall Street. For the first quarter of fiscal year 2013, Sina revenue is expected to reach $115000000 to $119000000. Brand advertising revenues will reach $94000000 to $96000000, we think,michael kors black shoulder bags, the expected higher than many investors had expected.High performance expectations: we will Sina 2013 fiscal year revenue is expected to increase 4%.Sina stock valuation: we maintain "overweight" rating, while maintaining the target share price of 65 dollars. Li Ming.Statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information transmission purposes, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.

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Drug man street heroin seized heroin injection drug _ Sina News

Drug man street heroin seized heroin injection drug _ Sina NewsLegal trainee reporter Wang Chun legal correspondent Xu XiaoenDrug addicts is always in a sneaky way,michael kors handbags macys, but there are people that day in injection drug.Ren Mou,dillards michael kors wallets, 43 years old this year, in Jiaxing, Jiashan in Zhejiang province a steel cabinet factory work, is a drug trafficking, "old poison.". In 1996, out of curiosity, he contacted the heroin on the recommendation of a friend for the first time, then a get out of hand. In the next ten years,michael by michael kors bag, with more and more drug addiction, he no longer satisfied with the original smoke, changed to intravenous injection.Drug ruined himself, but also his family. In 1999,michael kors bowling satchel, in that year, 3 - year-old daughter because of drugs, his wife divorced him. By working in the steel cabinet factory, his monthly income of over 2000 yuan, simply can not maintain his drug demand.April 8th at 11 am, his addiction and attack, then very worried looking to 0.2 grams of heroin, wait to find a hidden place, on the street had drug addiction, the result is the police "Xitang police station arrive without delay upon hearing the news please" on the police car.(original title: "old street heroin toxic ghost" fight)

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Indian media their comparison various data fully behind Chinese

Indian media their comparison: various data fully behind Chinese militaryIndia attaches great importance to developing strategic nuclear missile force. Chart for January 26th show for the first time in the annual Republic Day parade on "fire" — 5 ballistic missile,dillards michael kors wallets, the missile can hit China allegedly anywhere. Reference News Network reported on January 30th print media said, as GDP growth and geopolitical influence expanding Asian two rising powers, India and China in the rush to superpower competition between rival. India television website reported on 29 January, there is no direct indication of both sides into the state of hostility. The Chinese defense minister last year a rare visit to India, paid attention to the latter in the turbulent situation around whether or not the military capability to defend themselves. Since independence, India and its neighbors have fought 5 wars. Last year China's military spending is estimated at $106410000000, just below the United States of America in the world. But according to the report, according to speculation, China's real military spending is two times that number; it is used in strategic missile, space systems, aircraft, fighter planes and warships to enrich its war arsenal. India's official military spending is $35090000000. Reportedly, the single figures from the point of view, India is difficult to beat china. India military service more than 1325000,michael kors wallet women, while the Chinese servicemen of up to 2255000. Chinese people's Liberation Army Air Force has more than 3500 aircraft, although including many models obsolete aircraft. By contrast, only 600 of India air force fighter. China's air force is eliminated quickly since the nineteen sixties outdated platform, equipped with Su — 30 and JF— 17 "lightning" (China FC— 1 "Xiaolong") such a fighter. Chinese Air Force combat aircraft is the best Russian sukohi-30 — 30MK and self-developed f — fighter; 10. And the best of the India Air Force fighter for the manufacture of the French Dassault "mirage" — 2000 and Russian Su — 30MKI. The Chinese navy has an advantage in numbers. India's navy has 135 warships, but the Chinese navy ships near the 400 ships, however,michael kors satchel, Chinese Navy lacks far from the coast to deploy troops strong ocean-going combat capability. Reportedly, the India Navy ranks eighth in the world, including the ability to launch a missile ships, advanced submarine, the most modern naval aircraft and aircraft carrier. With 400 ships of the Chinese Navy, compared with the India navy to prevail in the number, but belong to the primary level in the practical experience and training. In the strategic nuclear defense and projection systems, China's army far beyond India. China's nuclear arsenal, founded in 1964, has more than 210 warheads. Nuclear warhead is the most powerful Chinese nuclear arsenal, the equivalent of more than 4000000 tons. In contrast, India's strategic nuclear force was founded in 1998 Nianshakedi nuclear test, there are now about 50 to 70 warheads. India is the most powerful nuclear warheads,michael kors wallet discount, the equivalent of only 50000 tons, and china.

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